Finding Honey

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I’m sitting in a cafe today, writing. Writing poems. It’s dark in here and I can smell bagels lightly burning. The best writing days are the days where I don’t have to force it and it comes because it wants to come, for it’s own sake and not for anyone else’s. On these days the world is full of love.  

Poetry Mind

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Every time someone asks, ‘Who am I?’ that’s the quest, and I’m sure it was asked by many, many people. There’s something else, too. I think the impulse to write that kind of poem arises from the disparity that occurs when we realize who we are, but we find we can’t live it. So for me, it’s the realization of my identity and that identity as the universe. I am perfectly convinced that is what I am, the universe. I can’t live it. Why? So the poetry comes out of that. The poetry comes out of a need to somehow – in language – connect with universe mind, and somehow when I read poetry – and maybe all poetry is quest, a poetry of longing – when I read poetry, I feel I’m in the presence of universe mind; that is, a mind I would describe as a mind that accomplishes a 360-degree seeing; it is manifold in consciousness, so that a line of poetry says one thing, but it also says many other things.

Li-Young Lee, interviewed in Range of the Possible by Tod Marshall

The Light Speaks

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I’m Building a Relationship With the Light Between Here and There

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I have the habit of walking the same stretch of land very frequently and recently I shifted the time of the walk from morning to late afternoon, so I can catch the sunset. I am wondering how many ways there are to look at the same thing. With this variation of light and the ocean, it’s both subtle and infinite. Today I skipped the ocean and was walking in a nearby park and started to write a poem in my head related to the color of the light as the sun was setting. The sky was multicolored and fantastic in the direction of…the ocean. I was very sad I picked today of all days to skip the ocean! I have been hoping for something more dramatic visually and today would have been one of those days. Ah, I will keep trying. And in the meantime, it feels very much like I am building a slow and subtle relationship with the light that falls between where I’m standing at the shore...

but the light is still beautiful

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it’s been so cold

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good wishes for new year’s eve

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Sunrise in Santa Monica

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