A Trip to the Lagoon

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Recently I went with my friend and her daughter to a nearby lagoon. Who knew Long Beach had a lagoon? I’d actually driven by it plenty of times but I did not know it was a lagoon. I thought a lagoon was where the black creatures lived, or a beautiful blue place where young people got de-virginized. Anyway. It was foggy. The light was lovely. We walked around the lagoon and came across a tree full of bright orange blooms, which I wasn’t able to capture effectively with my tiny digital camera. But I got a shot of its lost petals adorning the grass beneath it.

Still on a mission to find beauty where I am (and nearby where I am).

I am very excited about a slow shift in my thinking towards simple living. (Partial definition, as seen on Google: “Voluntary simplicity, or simple living, is a way of life that rejects the high-consumption, materialistic lifestyles of consumer cultures and affirms what is often just called ‘the simple life’ or ‘downshifting.'”) I’m not all the way there and don’t have it completely defined for myself but I see the potential for a positive re-framing for not having and/or choosing not to pursue having a lot of money in order to have time to pursue things that really matter. Sometimes one’s calling/s do not coincide with making a lot of money. Sometimes they do. But to be faithful to the inner call is to put one’s inner needs first instead of what the world wants for you. I have been learning all kinds of frugal tips and habits, mostly through my boyfriend who chooses to live this way so he can also have more time for what he wants. He views time as the most valuable commodity, as freedom. I still have some big debts I need to take care of and the weight of this is burdensome, especially as it relates to this new style of a path which is so clearly unfolding before me. For five years (at least) God has been shouting at me to return to poetry. Which I would often hear as “poverty.” I’d ask over and over again for guidance. I didn’t like what I heard, I asked again.

God said: Not poverty. POETRY.

This morning on the TV I heard Deepak Chopra talk to Oprah about being in the Now and letting the future unfold from the Now. This is the way to do it, I truly believe: Learn to be present and let life unfold. It’s a master’s class in trusting, for sure.

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