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Three days in a row

eating cake.

Lemon Balm

Devil’s Food

Pineapple Upside Down

For thirty days prior to this

total breakdown of willpower –

No Cake.


I’ve given up marriage, given up

working even, to write poetry.


Is this force that makes a poem

the same congealed lightning

that makes a cake

rise up and become something beautiful?


What if my husband

when he was my husband

is right?


What if

by leaving him

I will slide

via my own

utter ineptitude

back into bohemian

degradation, slide permanently

out of the comfort of middle class

and die without health insurance

car insurance and a 401K?


And separate from him.

What if the voice in my head that says

I will never, ever, ever again have sex

with a reasonable & willing human

is right?


Train goes by.

The air in here is filled with

the smell of sugar caramelizing.

Sugar and water taken off the heat

just before the point of burning.

This alchemical miracle

is caramel.

This must be what happened to me.

God took my sweetness

took all of my sugar

and brought me to the very edge

heated me up good

till I very nearly burned

and made me

made me something


that was me

but to an exponential degree.


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