Bright. Glad. Willingness.

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Today I walked on the beach and noted with deep appreciation the opal trailings of the sea burnished by the early morning light.

Today I stood in sweltering heat – unbelievable heat for spring even in Los Angeles, if you ask me – talking to several men who are artists. We were convened near a tarped area meant for working. They live in a place made of tents and, I don’t know what you call them, but to me they are like shacks, and they live in them, and they make art. What lacks in their space for beauty, civility, clean silverware, privacy, they make up for in art supplies, hand tools, ingenuity, the persistence of the artist

to create.

Today I was in the bookstore, on a break from working and worrying about things, and held a book of poems in my hand. A new book of poems by Jane Hirshfield called The Beauty. The dust cover had a wonderfully subtly pebbled texture and was adorned by a painting: Still Life with Peaches by Adrian Coorte. I have sworn off buying books at full retail, maybe forever, because I have a problem of accumulating too many books and have lived to see at least two personal libraries of mine amass and then be dismantled: one through a flood in the basement and one through divorce/moving. So painful. But anyway, I was holding this book in my hand and I imagined it to be possible that someone could think, of their own volition, through some spontaneous spark of the heart, to buy such a book for me, at the suggested full retail price ($26 at Barnes and Noble, I’m not sure). And that this would be a good sign for taking on someone as a lover.


Today I talked with a friend who described love as a bright, glad, willingness. I asked how she came up with this, because it is so good. She said she had at some point looked into the etymology of the word Love and  that this is what she found. (She actually specifically described what she found but I think I was sleepy or something because I could not retain the details of her findings in my memory, but I recall that it was pretty interesting.) But regardless. Let us find it too. Through a trail of words that leads us to some wonderful discovery. Like: Love is IN us and it is bright. It is glad. And we are willing.


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