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I’m working on the physical production of my book. I’ve been working on it for what seems like a long time (in literal terms it’s been a few months). I’m way behind schedule and not happy about it but I’ve been experiencing some ridiculously difficult technical glitches. At first it was the printer and lately it’s the program I have the book laid out in. It’s so bad sometimes I wonder what the spiritual message is in all of this. But I never hear (from my guidance, or otherwise) an answer, except to keep going. I’ve promised books to people. I remember when, I don’t know maybe 15ish years ago (seems like longer), I used to make poetry books by hand. I had no money and no great tools to speak of, I didn’t have a computer and desktop publishing was a much more rudimentary prospect. I loved fine papers and somehow I got the money...

It’s Fun to Get Cool Stuff in the Mail

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Mike Koppa of the Heavy Duty Press, in favor of a slower world, dropped off the face of Facebook recently and started what he calls Slowbook. He wants to spend less time on social media and more time doing the things he has always loved like making collages, books and zines. By hand. The old, slow way. He proposed to create a book out of the entries received by him in the snail mail, as long as the number of artists who responded was ten or greater. He sent me some typewritten letters in the mail inviting me to participate and I responded, in a limited fashion, limited because I only read his typewritten letters and missed the prospectus he had posted online. Doh! This is what happens when we are distracted by our multi media. It’s even possible, I feel shame here, that I DID read it, but was watching TV and playing Words with Friends simultaneously and used my mind like a sieve,...

The Best Things in Life are Free

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