A Trip to the Lagoon

By on Feb 28, 2014 in Authenticity, callings, Flow, frugal, los angeles, poetry

Recently I went with my friend and her daughter to a nearby lagoon. Who knew Long Beach had a lagoon? I’d actually driven by it plenty of times but I did not know it was a lagoon. I thought a lagoon was where the black creatures lived, or a beautiful blue place where young people got de-virginized. Anyway. It was foggy. The light was lovely. We walked around the lagoon and came across a tree full of bright orange blooms, which I wasn’t able to capture effectively with my tiny digital camera. But I got a shot of its lost petals adorning the grass beneath it. Still on a mission to find beauty where I am (and nearby where I am). I am very excited about a slow shift in my thinking towards simple living. (Partial definition, as seen on Google: “Voluntary simplicity, or┬ásimple living, is a way of life that rejects the high-consumption, materialistic lifestyles of consumer...

Mindfulness and Contemplation

By on Apr 26, 2013 in frugal, hope, spirituality

Today I’m thinking about frugal foodie cooking and I’m contemplating Contemplation – the hexagram I drew this morning from the I Ching when I was seeking counsel on a very perplexing question related to dealing with certain difficult people. Simple, frugal cooking is proving to be the most satisfying act in my life right now because I’m dealing with things I have right in front of me, things that are easily accessible, and, like I heard this young, pace-setting spiritual seeker mention on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday the other day, I’m bringing my full passion and attention to what I’m doing, right now, no matter what it is. It also helps that when I do it, generally I’m alone and don’t have to deal with any difficult people! But I’m being sarcastic because real life isn’t like this and if we work or are part of any groups...

The Best Things in Life are Free

By on Apr 21, 2013 in books and publishing, frugal, los angeles


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