Interview { The Novelist }

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Kit Brewer Santa Fe, New Mexico What is your relationship to your authentic self? As far as I can tell, having a self is like swimming or walking. What would it mean to authentically walk? I’m more likely to imagine myself in terms of intention and virtue. Maybe that’s not as compelling as authenticity, but for me it’s more useful. It keeps me out of trouble and I get more done. On the other hand, there are some inner objects and states of being that I assess in terms of authenticity. Is this hunger real; is it authentic? Or am I just craving another bowl of ice cream? Was that person actually engaged with me, or was he reproducing an emotion not authentically his own? I once read a book of poems by Paul Auster. I couldn’t believe how bad they were (seemed to be) and kept asking myself, is he kidding or is this authentic? If these are genuinely works of literature, what experience am I...

A Note About the Interviews

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It’s been an amazing experience so far doing these interviews. They’ve been mostly conducted with artists, of varying mediums. I’m fascinated with the process artists use and one of the connections I’m looking to make note of  is how  art-making can support living authentically, as a process, in addition to being an important means of self-expression, catharsis, and a vehicle for joy and beauty. (The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is an important reference for how to physically enable the artistic process, especially for those experiencing some degree of stuckness in their creative flow.) I’m also very interested in addiction, and especially recovery from addiction. Why? Because I suffer! I want to live out the true purpose for my life. There are a few things that make this difficult and addiction is of the most difficult. Mainly because, as it is...

Interview { Xena }

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Xena Starr Living in Chicago, Illinois     What is your relationship to your authentic self? I would say that my true self is who I am right now, whenever that moment of now is. In a way, I don’t think it’s possible to be anything less than authentic for anyone. If I were to hide part of myself that I felt was true, if I tried to present myself as who I thought people wanted me to be or who I wanted to be that is different from how I feel I am, then that would still be my authentic self – someone hiding part of herself and playing a role. I prefer not to hide any part of myself, and yet I don’t feel it’s necessary to make a statement about who I am. I did this to some extent when I was younger, when I lived in an environment that was in sharp contrast to much of what I felt. Then i needed to express myself very directly. I’m more of an observer now, a listener, someone...

Interview { The Poet }

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Barbara Rockman Santa Fe, New Mexico http://stingandnest.wordpress.com/ Barbara’s collection of poems, “Sting and Nest,” won both the New Mexico Press Women’s 2012 Poetry Book Prize and the National Federation of Press Women 2012 Poetry Book Prize. She also received two Pushcart Prize nominations and was  selected to be an Associate Artist at a 2012 summer residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts. She teaches poetry workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   What is your relationship to the authentic self? My ongoing quest is to reveal and embrace the authentic self. I wrestle with peeling the layers of defenses and doubt and long-held assumptions that can hide the truth of who I am and can be. In my writing this is an ongoing challenge. I want to be as odd and beautiful and tender and fierce and mysterious and original as I can. That is, to trust my voice, the...

Interview { Waking Up }

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Jude Lally Asheville, North Carolina Web: http://celticsoulcraft.com/ Celtic Soul Craft on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Celtic-Soul-Craft/127237380645774 (Photos courtesy Jude Lally. Photos depict details of Jude’s work, a participant’s work at one of her workshops, and some older work. To see her current work, primarily of hats and other art forms, please visit the link to her website above.) What is your relationship to your authentic self? I feel my authentic self is my other half, there’s the matrix world self and the eco self, the split occurring through a perceived dualism, which of course doesn’t really exist. I’m in recovery from such a damaging concept and my authentic self is the one that hears trees whispering it’s my pure self, my true self. It’s the true path, and it’s on that path that magic happens!   What work did you do previous to what...

Interview { The Tenth Muse }

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Angela Cross Recently back to Los Angeles, from a 7 month sojourn in South America. http://www.angelamariecross.com http://www.waistcoatandwatch.com http://www.tenthmuse.org   What is your relationship to your authentic self? I see authenticity coming from authorship aka responsibility. That means that I choose perspectives that put me in the driver’s seat – when I blame, hate, or suffer – it is not my authentic self. I see my authentic self as a refuge into which I must pay the price of utter and complete honesty.   What is the work you are doing now and what do you hope to achieve with it? I have a few projects. The first is Waistcoat & Watch, this was started with me and another artists who were both working on releasing our first album/book. Waistcoat & Watch is an online magazine. We write about the arts for art lovers, interesting perspectives,...


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