Authenticity Defined

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From Wikipedia: Authenticity is a technical term used in psychology as well as existentialist philosophy and aesthetics. In existentialism, authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite external pressures; the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself. A lack of authenticity is considered in existentialism to be bad faith.

Interview { The Poet }

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Barbara Rockman Santa Fe, New Mexico http://stingandnest.wordpress.com/ Barbara’s collection of poems, “Sting and Nest,” won both the New Mexico Press Women’s 2012 Poetry Book Prize and the National Federation of Press Women 2012 Poetry Book Prize. She also received two Pushcart Prize nominations and was  selected to be an Associate Artist at a 2012 summer residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts. She teaches poetry workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico.   What is your relationship to the authentic self? My ongoing quest is to reveal and embrace the authentic self. I wrestle with peeling the layers of defenses and doubt and long-held assumptions that can hide the truth of who I am and can be. In my writing this is an ongoing challenge. I want to be as odd and beautiful and tender and fierce and mysterious and original as I can. That is, to trust my voice, the...

Interview { Waking Up }

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Jude Lally Asheville, North Carolina Web: http://celticsoulcraft.com/ Celtic Soul Craft on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Celtic-Soul-Craft/127237380645774 (Photos courtesy Jude Lally. Photos depict details of Jude’s work, a participant’s work at one of her workshops, and some older work. To see her current work, primarily of hats and other art forms, please visit the link to her website above.) What is your relationship to your authentic self? I feel my authentic self is my other half, there’s the matrix world self and the eco self, the split occurring through a perceived dualism, which of course doesn’t really exist. I’m in recovery from such a damaging concept and my authentic self is the one that hears trees whispering it’s my pure self, my true self. It’s the true path, and it’s on that path that magic happens!   What work did you do previous to what...

Interview { Artist at Work as Her True Self }

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This interviewee opted to remain anonymous. She is an accomplished painter and installation artist. Her paintings are inspired by forms and patterns in the natural world and large ones can take several months to complete. She lives in Los Angeles, California and predominantly exhibits her work and teaches in Southern California.   What is your relationship to your authentic self? Sometimes I still struggle to honor and give voice to my authentic self, but at least I am listening to it more attentively now and I am no longer denying or sublimating it. I feel clear and grounded more often than I used to. I still have times where doubt clouds over me and I feel like I am steadied only by a threadlike tether connected to true living. If I expand my view, though, the self-doubt is part of my authentic self, too. The relationship to my true self is a discovery process, a continual...

Catching Light

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A friend traveled to Sweden recently and was describing the beautiful light and how she was so moved by it. She said the sun doesn’t set yet there is the feeling of night. And the twilight light is so beautiful. Achingly, poetically beautiful. This is the kind of light I love and which stirs me to make art. I can’t even imagine being in such a prolonged state of it, full nights of beauty like this might send me into a coma, I don’t know. Still, I’d go chasing after it now if I could. I haven’t traveled in a long time. A year and a half ago a trip along the California and Oregon coasts in the winter. We’d gone to see my boyfriend’s mother just outside Seattle and it was thought that she was imminently dying (her prognosis has miraculously improved since then.) It was winter in Washington. The whole time was like a more perturbed version of what my friend was...

Interview { Tea Monk }

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The first in a series of interviews on art & living authentically.   Sumitra D’Aragon Asheville, North Carolina http://www.panthermoontea.com What is your relationship to your authentic self? I mostly feel harassed by it, almost constantly, like it’s riding me – and maybe it is…. I have tremendous respect for it because I know what happens when I ignore it. It almost killed me a couple times, so it keeps me humble. It wants everything from me and it is the only relationship I (would) consider giving it ALL to as it is my best Friend and I know that. I believe that my authentic self is the event horizon of the Realized Self so I take it rather seriously. What work did you do previous to what you’re doing now? Oh God. I was in wholesale food sales and I mostly worked with chefs all day. Before that, I was a chef. The sales job was like Extreme Karma Survival...


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