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Yesterday I made tea from two Yogi tea bags and at the ends of the bags, tethered by a string, were these words:

Love has no fear and no vengeance

Let things come to you

They both really struck me as ideas I’ve come to believe and/or have been working on recently. Or rather, both ideas I think have been accumulating in me over the past few years and seem to be forming as truths, culminating very recently in the poignant unwrapping of these two tea bags on a rare overcast day in Southern California.

I think these yogi tea bag words will need to make their way into some new collages.

I also walked by the ocean. The tide was very high and waves were neither tender nor ferocious but definitely more ferocious than tender. (The picture at the top of this post was from a different day two weeks ago when I was originally intending to write something here.) I thought: If I was in there they would chew me up. I don’t want to be chewed up! It’s less than two weeks till Christmas and I’m trying to keep my thoughts calm. Trying to feel what’s important. Trying to see what’s real.


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