Gluten Free Weather Report

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It’s March! I’m very tired of it being cold (I know, boo-hoo, stop complaining, I live in Southern California.) But it’s true. Am eating gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free (at about 90% on the first two and 70% on the last.) Perhaps this is making me grouchy about the weather. I’m also addictively watching The British Baking Show which is incredibly ironic of me, given that it’s basically a show that’s a contest to see who’s the master gluten and sugar manipulator. ¬†Slightly torturous from the eating point of view but I really do love watching cooking shows. The weather here has been very interesting these last couple of months. There were a couple of spurts of what felt around here like excessive rain. You could see everyone clench up like we were entering some kind of something that is much bigger than…rain. And I brought this up to someone, that we are kind of wimpy here in LA, come on, where in other parts of the country or the world people are dealing with freezing, with blizzards, icicles, avalanches…but that comment did not go over so well. Rain really throws us off here. It’s all relative.

I took this picture in the aftermath of one of those rain spells. Amazing clouds for several days and the day I took the picture a strong wind that was almost bitter and I felt especially stalwart to be out in it, taking pictures.

I’m working on my new poetry book (!) which should be coming out this month. More on that in the coming days and weeks. Also in discussion with Mike Koppa of the Heavy Duty Press about a small collaborative project we started last year – so I suspect that will be coming out in some form or other as well. Shortly.

Happy March!

sunset 8


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