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Angela Cross

Recently back to Los Angeles, from a 7 month sojourn in South America.



What is your relationship to your authentic self?

I see authenticity coming from authorship aka responsibility. That means that I choose perspectives that put me in the driver’s seat – when I blame, hate, or suffer – it is not my authentic self. I see my authentic self as a refuge into which I must pay the price of utter and complete honesty.


What is the work you are doing now and what do you hope to achieve with it?

I have a few projects. The first is Waistcoat & Watch, this was started with me and another artists who were both working on releasing our first album/book. Waistcoat & Watch is an online magazine. We write about the arts for art lovers, interesting perspectives, fun and clear communication. We also allow our authors to sell their work on our site with no commission taken out. We hope to go into print next year and expand our reader base, and artist base.

I also have Tenth Muse, which is a collective of female artists here to support, encourage and inspire each other in LA. LA can be so vicious, poising women in the arts against each other, like at auditions. Tenth Muse gives women the opportunity to expand their skills, business knowledge and to create sources of income for themselves. We are putting a stage show together from October 3-6, which will be our kick-off event for our new structure. I hope to partner Tenth Muse with other female empowerment organizations to bring information, and opportunity to hundreds of female artists in LA.

I also make a lot of music on voice, saxophone flute and a bit of guitar. You need some passionate music making, call me!


What work did you do previously?

I have always been a musician and have had several other jobs including: waitressing, teaching music, stage managing, cashier, personal assistant, and bubble lady.


(I had to ask.) What’s a bubble lady?

A bubble lady (formerly Bubbleologist, though we can’t legally use that term) is someone who creates bubbles for parties. Usually kids parties. We put people into bubbles, and have all sorts of cool little tricks, and of course let other people play with our bubbles and make bubbles themselves.


Do you have a sense of a calling?

Yes – “music is my mistress” as Duke Ellington said. Music is like a creature that dances around in my brain, showing itself in moments where I can’t find a pencil or instrument fast enough to record the sound before it’s lost in my memory. I also have a strong belief and calling regarding community. The power of placing yourself in your peer’s, neighbor’s, and friend’s hands is abundance in it’s truest sense.

in god mind

How do you recognize it as a calling?

That’s a really difficult question. It’s like asking how I recognize the color green… I suppose I can say that it’s been with me my whole life, and feels like an extension of myself.


If you do feel you have a calling, how does money relate to it?

I think that connection and relationship is a calling for everyone on the planet, and that money is a symbol of the value we give to the people around us – now many people don’t really believe this, so the system is outrageously skewed. Sometimes I put my focus on making money, and then I remember that it’s relationship and community that call me, not money – though money does help. I give my music and contribute my skills where I can. I’m constantly working on creating the most graceful and effortless avenues for people who appreciate my work, to show it, which sometimes means money.


What kind of challenges do you face in trying to live authentically?

Fear is the number one prohibitor for me. Worrying is a family trait, which comes from insecurity in myself. I have a history of self abuse, mainly when I was a preteen and teenager. Though I take great care of myself now – I still occasionally get those old feelings of fear, worry, and insecurity – usually a Snuggy and a hug does the trick in getting me back into my authentic self.


What effectiveness do you feel in trying to live authentically?

I feel that living authentically is what keeps me moving forward. When I forget myself I get lost in my life, and fill my time with things that I don’t really care about. With an authentic state of being I can really create.


Do you engage in a spiritual or recovery process?

I consider my life a spiritual process, and everyone in my life as reflections, projections and lessons for my non corporeal self. I’ve also done a handful of personal development workshops – to unearth my self awareness and begin healing my thoughts.


Have you had any outstanding dreams, intuitive experiences or synchronicity related to your calling?

Whenever I ask for something it comes to me. If it’s a gig, or an instrument, or an opportunity. It’s not like an instant thing, and it’s not predictable, but it is magical and wonderful and I feel really blessed.


What books are you reading right now?

Sherlock Holmes, The Art of Travel


What’s your favorite vegetable?



What’s your favorite tea?

Hot, with honey and sitting by a fountain in good weather.


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