Love Everything

By on Aug 18, 2014 in art, collage, poetry, spirituality, writing | 0 comments

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I’ve just posted a big group of new collages in my Etsy shop. I’ve made them available as prints in two sizes.

These collages were made since moving back to Los Angeles but they contain pieces of the lives I’ve lived in other places before getting here.  They feel like a summation of something unspoken for me. They feel like the summation of something good, even though it hasn’t been easy getting here. This one contains a fragment of text from some writing I did in Santa Fe – a fictional love story that I was never able to bring to a satisfying conclusion. I’ve been thinking about love a lot, and the love story. Recently I saw The Fault in Our Stars, the movie adaptation of a book about the love story of a 16 year old cancer patient and a 17 year old amputee. I cried and cried while watching this movie. Not just because of the death bits but also because of how love blew these people wide open and…well, it seems to me to be the meaning of everything, to have all the beauty and openness of love alongside the inevitable pain and the bumpiness of life. It’s the inclusion of it all:  the light and the dark, the joy and the sorrow, the making of something new and the loss of something, that makes up the whole story. Only when we are able to Love Everything can we have any comprehension of the true and deep beauty in any of it, of our lives as we are living it.

love everything


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