Sunday Sailing

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I’m dealing with a lot of sailboats lately. Methaphorically mostly. Although I did meet for some intuitive counseling on a sailboat one Sunday recently. Receiving counseling, not giving. And this past Sunday a friend described her sailboat dream – at the end of which she folded up her dream sailboat and packed it away like one of those windbreakers that fold up neatly and fit into a knapsack. (I don’t know what that means, btw!) And at my day job we speak a lot in terms of sailing – I’m the sailing master, and on Sundays when I’m off, someone else takes over steering the “ship.” It’s all very apt.

I’m prepping to activate this art side of my life again, in the business sense, and excited about this. I’m using the baby steps method and also the buddy system – in one case, combining those two. I think it’s the only way to stay accountable and get things done that seem so much less urgent than, than, WHATEVER it is that seems so much more important! But WHAT could be more important than our dreams and the quiet promptings that come from our real, true selves?

I’m also working on a new collection of poems. More on that soon, but that’s all for now. I’m in a Starbucks in Hollywood at the moment and it’s this little section of town where there seem to seriously be no public restrooms anywhere, at all, and I’m pretty sure that’s on purpose. Insert big eyes, flush cheeks emoji.




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