Something Larger

By on Aug 19, 2014 in art, collage, spirituality | 0 comments

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Another one of the new prints now up in my Etsy shop.

Today I’m grateful for the many ocean sunsets I’ve seen this summer and I’m contemplating the meaning of the Ace of Cups in the tarot – a sign for new and fulfilling beginnings. I’m really fascinated with various methods of divination, and especially the tarot right now. Maybe we can’t predict or control the future for all its mutability, but we can learn to read the energies and tendencies present in ourselves and in situations. Something larger certainly connects us all and makes the currents move and life flow and keep flowing, whatever you want to call it. God, or something else.

The main text in this piece, like the collage I posted yesterday, was extracted from some writing I did in Santa Fe, before I moved here. The original writing was about love and it actually had some (artistically) erotic elements to it. However, I like to leave the artwork open to how it hits someone intuitively when they see it. I think a wider interpretation (rather than the specific one that was part of my original intent) is more useful. Kind of like the interpretation of a tarot card – there is the base energy of the piece, its archetypal energy, and then there is the way the meaning of it is altered by what’s around it or who is receiving it. In this way, my soul language can speak to your soul language, and hopefully there is some combined meaning or alchemy. In any case, this is my intent. How you see the piece should actually say more about you than about me. (Says me.) I especially like when something I’ve created seems to open up something in someone. This opening up, and the exchange that leads to the opening, is the true purpose. Love, varying gradations of love, are the ultimate goals here.

something larger than us


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