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sea julyIt’s summer in Los Angeles and lately you can really feel it. It’s hot and very sunny. People are flocking to the beaches in droves. Various factors have me spending time by the beach and so I am absorbing the beach culture without fully feeling myself to be a part of it. I love the ocean but not so much the sun worship and the beachwear, so I find myself to be somewhat detached and amused and sometimes wishing I was in NYC wearing a black coat and popping into a museum somewhere. I was watching¬†Penny Dreadful recently, a Showtime mini series set in Victorian London that is I guess billed as erotic gothic horror. It is both beautiful and terrifying. The horror part is, like my response to the essence of beach culture, also something I don’t usually go for but I really loved what they were doing with the acting and the cinematography and the clothing, etc. Anyway, have just come on here to say hello and to ramble for a minute. I was listening to a Ted Talk podcast yesterday and some change the world tech genius was saying how there is an increase in serendipity¬†because of the increase in exposure we have to each other (through technology.) This I think is very cool.



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