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Mike Koppa of the Heavy Duty Press kindly invited me to partake in his project which, if I am remembering it correctly, began as something he called Slowbook, after he quit, for a time, Facebook. He invited several other artists as well, from all over the world, and sent each of us prompts via that old fashioned method of communicating: snail mail. I never was very clear about what I was being prompted to do Рand now you can see this (my lack of clarity!) documented in his book Thawt, a compilation of correspondence he had with all of us artists. Mike lives in Wisconsin. He makes a lot of fantastic collage art. He is a handy family man who fixes things and digs things out of the raw earth. He is brave and persistent. He holds the ground for traditional mediums (like letterpress printing) while simultaneously breaking ground in new mediums (like self-publishing and digital everything.) Yay, Mike. A very beautifully published book, available here: http://viroquacreative.com/printed-matter/



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